A great snowman/snowwoman app for all ages!

Snow Peeps consists of up to 4 different games!

Snow Peeps:
Two players have to build their Snow Peep using the game shaker. The number you shake determines which part of the Snow Peep you can decorate. You can pick from different styles to customize your Snow Peep. If you get a number that you've already used, you have to wait until your next turn! The first to finish decorating wins!

Lightning Round:
One or Two Players participate in a fast-paced game where a stream of items flows over each Snow Peep. You tap an item to get it onto your Peep,but , if you tap a category a second time, you lose the decoration you already had for that category. The fastest time wins!

Free Play:
This is a casual mode where you can decorate 2 Snow Peeps however you want. You can change the items in and out as you choose.

Memory Peep (Available with "Unlimited Play" via .99¢ In-App Purchase)
In Memory Peep, a single player has a few seconds to study a pre-decorated Snow Peep. The items fade away, and the player has to re-decorate the Snow Peep with the exact same items. Each wrong selection counts against you. Try to achieve a perfect score of zero!

Snow Peeps is offered free of charge so you can try out the game and decide if you like it! A Wait timer will appear after a few games to remind you that with the In-App Purchase, you can eliminate the Wait Timer and also unlock the Memory Peep Mode.

Please support Snow Peeps if you enjoy the app! If you do continue to use the free version, note that leaving the Wait Timer screen vivisble will give you a faster timer.

Snow PeepsScreen Shots

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