Who needs snow? Decorate your own snow people (Snow Peeps) in this fun app for all ages! Up to 4 game modes to choose from! Free Download!


Love playing "Squares" for sports games and other office/party pools? Now you can do all the Squares sheets you want on your iPad! Pick from pre-defined templates or create a custom sheet for everything from football, baseball, Lord Stanley's championship trophy, to Baby Birthday Pools and more!


Getting in a squares sheet for a football game, office pool or other event? If you know someone setting up a sheet with Football Squares Plus, you can use this app to create a "request" for squares on that sheet! Simply enter your name/initials, the desired number of squares, and your email address! You can even take a picture to send along so if the sheet creator is using the Picture Squares Add-On, your pic will appear in all your squares!


The race is on! The HomeBodies love going home, and love to race while doing it! Players control a group of 4 HomeBodies in their quest to be the first to circle the neighborhood and get home safely. Of course, the other HomeBodies want to win the race, and will knock an opponent back to the Start whenever they get the chance!
HomeBodies is a modern take on such classic games like Trouble, Ludo, Parcheesi and such and is designed specifically for the iPad.


Euchre Sandbox is the perfect tool for learning the game of Euchre or improving your skills! With this app you can re-create the experience of dealing all the players cards “face-up” and playing all of them yourself -- a common practice when first learning the game to learn the rules and develop a sense of strategy. You simply play out one hand at a time, rather than a full game, and you can replay that hand in different ways, or start a new one when ready. With Euchre Sandbox, you can easily begin to see how playing certain cards at certain times can change the result of the hand!


KeyBook is the perfect app for tracking and managing all of your keys! So many keys can physically look the same -- same color, same brand, same shape, etc. and when you accumulate a number of infrequently used keys it can be very easy to lose track of what they are for! KeyBook allows you to capture an image for each one of your keys along with vital data to help you identify and track what each and every key does. Fields for entry include: owner, name, location, what it opens, color, size and more!

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