New Features for 2013

• Track how much each user has paid versus the number of bought squares * the cost per square.

• Set up dynamic sheets, where you can add scoring rounds as you need them. Have a winner per score, or a separate round for overtime!

• Process requests from the companion app "Squares Buyer For Football Squares Plus," which allows users to create squares requests along with their information, and email it to you so you can add them to your sheet!

Love playing "Squares" for sports games and other office/party pools? Now you can do all the Squares sheets you want on your iPad! Pick from pre-defined templates or create a custom sheet for everything from football, Baseball, Lord Stanley's championship trophy, to Baby Birthday Pools and more!

Sheet styles include 10 X 10 and 5 X 5 options and are easily set up with the template picker. You also have templates for 4 quarters, 2 halves, inning groups, and periods. With a custom sheet, you can setup "scoring rounds' to be whatever you like with whatever text you want in each scoring box. You can use all the available squares, or only a portion if you so desire.

Your friends and family can choose the squares they want by tapping on a square and entering their name/initials (this info is retained in case they want more than 1 square.) You can randomize the score boxes for each row and column, or enter them yourself in the desired order. Participants can quickly highlight all of their squares with the provided filter mechanism. Progress is saved automatically, allowing you to return to the app at any time to continue filling up the sheet.

You can also purchase the "Picture Squares" Add-On ($0.99 USD) to give each square a picture of the owner! Pictures can come from your photo library, contacts, or the built-in camera if using a camera-equipped iPad.

The "Winners" screen lets you select which Score Boxes are winners. The app will highlight all winning squares and also present a "Winners Table" for a list of all winners.

You can lock sheets in 2 modes -- Allowing new entries only, or the entire sheet so no changes can be made. This is great for preventing accidental taps!

You also have the ability to email your sheet! Email options include

1) Sending the sheet as an HTML attachment, perfect for printing or posting online.

2) Emailing the sheet data file for viewing/editing on another iPad. You can get a sheet started, and finish it on a friends device!

3) Sending a Screenshot, ideal if using the Picture Squares Add-On so you get all the images included!

Create/Save and re-load as many sheets as you want!

Go high-tech and stream the sheet to your TV using AirPlay Mirroring with an AppleTV! (iPad 2 and higher)


Have any issues/questions with this app or the Squares Buyer companion app? Please contact us from within the app or at our support email address.
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