KeyBook is the perfect app for tracking and managing all of your keys! So many keys can physically look the same -- same color, same brand, same shape, etc. and when you accumulate a number of infrequently used keys it can be very easy to lose track of what they are for!

KeyBook allows you to capture an image for each one of your keys along with vital data to help you identify and track what each and every key does. Fields for entry include: owner, name, location, what it opens, color, size and more!

With the information entered, you can then search on any or all of these fields when you have a key you are trying to identify. You can specify criteria like "Gold", "Small" and "Home" to see all the small gold keys you've entered that open something in your home. The search results will allow you to quickly scan all the matches, until you identify the key you need. You can also specify criteria for something like all keys where the Opens field equals "Shed," and you will quickly see the images of the key or keys that match!

KeyBook is an ad-supported, free app. An In-App Purchase is available to remove ads, and, add Advanced Features. These features include emailing keys for use on another iDevice, copying keys for faster entry of similar keys, and the ability to edit a field for multiple keys at a time!


Have any issues/questions with this app or the Squares Buyer companion app? Please contact us from within the app or at our support email address.
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