Euchre Sandbox is the perfect tool for learning the game of Euchre or improving your skills! With this app you can re-create the experience of dealing all the players cards “face-up” and playing all of them yourself -- a common practice when first learning the game to learn the rules and develop a sense of strategy. You simply play out one hand at a time, rather than a full game, and you can replay that hand in different ways, or start a new one when ready. With Euchre Sandbox, you can easily begin to see how playing certain cards at certain times can change the result of the hand!

You can decide what is trump, which player is the dealer, and even what cards are in each player’s hand, or, let the Euchre Sandbox deal the cards randomly. You can undo a played card, or replay the hand from any point you wish!

Euchre Sandbox also allows you save a deal or a fully-played hand, so you can review, replay or show them to someone else at any time. It’s a great way for seasoned players to help newbies develop their skills! You can even setup a hand from a real-life game of Euchre, and see if it could have been played differently to yield a different result!

You can also share hands by EMAILING a hand to another user, and having them email it back to you after they have played it out!

This app is also Universal, taking full advantage of the iPad screen!

With Euchre Sandbox, you can also setup your own player names, turn the ability to “renege” on or off, and even setup a player as “Going Alone” so you can practice making such a call, and how to play it out! So whether you’re brand-new to the game of Euchre, or someone who has played for years, Euchre Sandbox will help you learn and teach new strategies, and become a master of the game!


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